Sun In Pisces – A Time For Healing

That which resists persists. Welcome to Pisces Season!

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For all Zodiac Signs
“Happy Birthday Pisces”

The Sun has shifted into imaginativeand compassionate Pisces today, February 18, 2019,and remains there through March 20, 2019. So it’s officially season.This energy is about connecting to your spiritual/highest-self. It’s a sensitive, wistful, compassionate time. We are strongly in tune with our powers of intuition and emotions.Making decisions or commitments may not be easy under the influence, but tapping into our intuition is.

While the Sun is in Piscesour inner muse must be nurtured and connectedtoo, thishelps us heal and move forward. The veils between this world and other realms come down now and boundaries dissolveso we can feel energetically connected to other people and theirenergies.It’s important to be kind to yourself and others during this time, and surround yourself with loving positive energy.

We’re plugged into everything around us because the veils between this physical world and other spiritual realms have dissolved…

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