((Light Seer’s Tarot and Wisdom of The Oracle))

Just in case you have not heard, 2020 will be a big year for making things happen, and getting things done! I hope you are ready for the challenges and blessings speeding towards us!


FIRE SIGNS: A LEG UP. Time to accept sincere help, and consider the advantages of  partnership.

  • Aries: Three of Pentacles. Cooperation and collaboration will create opportunity for growth.
  • Leo: High Priestess. Need answers? Look within – you already know what you need.
  • Sagittarius: Nine of Pentacles. An attitude of gratitude will only increase your contentment.


EARTH SIGNS: NOT FOR YOU. You can’t always get what you want; make the best of what you have.

  • Taurus: The Sun (19). Manifest changes as you will; do not be disappointed if it does not appear as you imagined – The Universe does not make mistakes.
  • Virgo: Two of Cups. You are not imagining the profound connection; it is very real and deserves your cooperation – you will not be sorry.
  • Capricorn: Three of Swords. It is okay to be disappointed but do not allow it to suck the joy out of everything else. Make the magic of 2020 about what is, not what isn’t.


AIR SIGNS: CO-CREATE. Your life is your art – create it as you like.

  • Gemini: Five of Swords. You need not attend every battle; walking away from conflict may be in your best interest  – a Pyrric victory can prove so much worse than a loss. 
  • Libra: The Emperor (4). Time for your responsible leadership to take the fore; do not be deterred by the “feelings” of others – there’s too much to be done – but do not be unkind.
  • Aquarius: Ten of Swords. Walk away from all that drains, pains, or stains – keep the lessons, and move on. It is time to work on serious healing.


WATER SIGNS: CHANGE IN THE WIND. Things are going to get interesting…

  • Cancer: Ace of Swords. “A-HA!!!” Sudden clarity will come to you when you least expect it – pay attention!
  • Scorpio: The Hanged Man (12). Take a time-out while you still can; your success depends on your willingness to change your perspective. 
  • Pisces: The Lovers (6). Connections will be quite deep when they reveal themselves; do not be dissuaded by the duality at work – opposites do in fact attract.


2020 will certainly be what you make of it. Good luck!


Be happy, safe, warm, and well.

Yours always,


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