January 2020: Fire Signs


((The Lightseer’s Tarot by Chris Anne AND Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid))


We kick-off January 2020 with a look at what’s up for you!

ORACLE: Leg Up! Reinforcing the message of 2020 Forecast, now is the time to accept the help you need to get your projects well and truly off the ground. Take partnership possibilities seriously, and consider working with a trusted friend. Do not forget to exercise caution; excitement over a project should not be confused with best interests.

ARIES: Two of Pentacles. Create balance in all areas of your life. Do not be in a hurry to work hard rather than smart, and be careful who you allow in your circle. This is not a time to sell yourself to low bidders. 

LEO: Seven of Cups. Spoiled for choice? Of course you are – you can do anything, and you know it, which makes decision making difficult. Brave and bold isn’t enough here; follow your heart but take your brain with you – be thoughtful and choose wisely. 

SAGITTARIUS: King of Pentacles. Now is the time for serious material management; money, time and resources must be spent wisely as you focus on what things are over how they present – plenty of poisonous plants are beautiful but you should not get to close.


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