MARCH 2020: Fire Signs


((The Lightseer’s Tarot by Chris Anne AND Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid))


How are you enjoying Mercury Retrograde in Pisces (MRxP)? 

  • Texting your ex?
  • Re-thinking that career change?
  • Decided to move?

Well, best of luck to you with all of that. However, if you are still just considering a return to the past, DON’T! This really is The Trickster’s best gag, do not fall for it. If you really think something in your past deserves a second chance, wait until April (after MRxP is all the way over, including the clean-up) before acting on it. I know it is not in the nature of Fire to “wait and see” but that really is your very best move at this time.

ORACLE: Blessed. While we are very busy expecting the unexpected during MRxP, sometimes our blessings are in as well as out of disguise. Be open to the possibilities.

ARIES: Seven of Cups. Make choices with your heart this month; trust your instincts , and intuition,  to help you gather the information you need. And follow your heart because it knows the way.

LEO: The Sun. The Sun shines for you this month – make the most of this energy by applying it to your favorite projects. Success is yours for the taking, so get right to it!

SAGITTARIUS: The Fool. Stop waiting around – get your party started! Whatever new project you have been mulling to death, it is time to take responsibility for your own success and move forward. Not choosing is still a choice…but not a good one.

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