APRIL 2020: Air Signs


((The Lightseer’s Tarot by Chris Anne AND Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid))


Welcome to the plague portion of our Roaring Twenties!

How are you coping with lock-down?

  • Reading every media article, no matter the source?
  • Experimenting with cleaning products for maximum effectiveness and a pleasant fragrance?
  • Speaking to the objects in your home just to hear the sound of a voice…your voice?

Remember when making it through Mercury Retrograde without talking ourselves into giving an ex another chance was our only real plan? Who could have guessed we were preparing for isolation? Who knew we would have so much opportunity to learn to enjoy our own company? And here we are: no choice but to face ourselves, our primary relationships, our lives. If you were in the habit of creating full  schedules of distraction – events, movies, sports, travel – The Universe has provided a much needed time-out. 

ORACLE: Poised. This is a time for genuine confidence – not bold arrogance and bravado. Reach within and you will find it there.

Gemini: The Magician. Manifestation is your gift. If you are smart (and let’s face it, we know you are), you will make the most of this opportunity to find your most authentic, intimate, real, raw, powerful, beautiful self – stop hiding your magic!

Libra: Five of Wands. Aggressive ambition may not be your best play this month. You are not obligated to attend every argument; you are at liberty to decide what you want to pursue on your own. Good luck!

Aquarius: King of Swords. Clear thinking is required (you already know this) but be sure not to out-think yourself. There really is such a thing as too clever – keep that in mind – and you probably aren’t actually smarter than everyone all of the time. A little humility will do you some good.

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