APRIL 2020: Earth Signs


((The Lightseer’s Tarot by Chris Anne AND Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid))


Welcome to the plague portion of our Roaring Twenties!

How are you coping with lock-down?

  • Did you buy all the snacks?
  • Have you dug a moat around the house?
  • Are your dishes and linens alphabetized by size and color?

Remember when making it through Mercury Retrograde without killing anyone was the only plan? Who knew we were preparing for an extended “don’t kill anyone!” on such a grand scale? But if ever any sign could be ready for this level of hunkering down, it is you, Earth Babies! Spring has sprung – could there be a better time to focus on your nest??? Eventually, you will have to go out into the world but for right now, absolutely NO ONE can criticize you for staying home and “making the best of it” in every way.

ORACLE: Community. In our separation, we are together. It is hard to imagine distance would create a sense of belonging but that really is EXACTLY what is happening here. We are all in this together, that really is the whole thing.

TAURUS: Judgement. Right now, it is okay to follow the shining light – not the death light, the life light! Difficult though it may be, looking for the bright side, following the positive vibes, and taking in the sunlight (even if only at a window), are the answers. Allow yourself to be warmed.

VIRGO: Page of Cups. Creativity may be slow in coming – too many earthly concerns front and center at this time. But here’s the thing: right now, what do you have if not time? Spend it as you see fit but consider channeling some of this extra time into releasing yourself from your earthy focus – consider yoga and meditation as possible outlets.

CAPRICORN: Queen of Wands. DO NOT GIVE IN TO JEALOUSY! You are spending a great deal of time in your at home; it is much too easy to see the flaws, and begin to covet “better” elsewhere. Do not do yourself this bamboozle! If you want to improve what you see, go ahead if it meaningful to you. Comparison will suck the joy from every moment faster than water can go down a drain.


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