APRIL 2020: Water Signs


((The Lightseer’s Tarot by Chris Anne AND Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid))


Welcome to the plague portion of our Roaring Twenties!

How are you coping with lock-down?

  • Drinking too much?
  • Falling asleep in the tub?
  • Looking at old photos and sobbing?

Remember when making it through Mercury Retrograde safe and sound was the only real goal? Yeah, me either. The truth of the matter is while we are perfectly set-up for distance (we don’t usually feel a part of the group, anyway), that is not the same as we enjoy it thrust upon us.  What a perfect opportunity for us to learn the importance of not just going with the flow but learning to enjoy the ride.

ORACLE: Time To Go. Wrap it up! It is time to move on to the next thing – get to it!

CANCER: Temperance. Part balance, part alchemy, all opportunity to get a grip and make something new and improved of yourself. Not saying you are not great as is, just pointing out you can kick self-doubt right in the back pocket if you decide to use this energy. Good luck!

SCORPIO: Judgement. If ever there was a time for self-realization – and personal responsibility – this is it. Don’t chicken out! Face up to it, and grow up. Off you go!

PISCES:Ace of Swords. “A-HA!!!” Sudden clarity of thought lands like a crashing wave – ride the wave to the best of your ability but do not get carried out to sea. KOWABUNGA!

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