Think About It Thursday


Think About It Thursday is meant to be a forum for witchy discussions, thoughts, ideas, and issues. If you have questions, or thoughts, about anything in particular you would like to share, and open up for discussion, bring it here! Drop your thought in comments and we will get that ball rolling!

I’ll start: what do we think is the best way to organize a spell book? (FYI: No arguing about what we call the book – to each their own)

Speaking for myself, I have several different journals with several scribbled pages – notes on crystals, teas, tarot, etc – with no particular rhyme or reason. Even to me, this seems ridiculous but I have yet to come up with a consistent system of organization that does not involve one book for each topic. The struggle is real – send help!

One idea – skill level – sounds like a good idea until you realize skill levels are neither consistent nor constant. What once felt advanced might later seem more intermediary. OR WORSE, something thought simple (and relatively harmless) turns out to be bigger and more powerful than it first appeared. I’m not suggesting spells should comes with warning labels, but maybe….?

Another idea – a three ring binder rather than a book – also sounds like a good idea, if you are not bothered by the lack of permanence. By it’s nature, and the reason it would be a good idea, the pages are movable; you can organize and reorganize all you like. But that same action of taking pages out at any time gives the book a wobbly, and fragile, feeling.

An idea I do like very much – adding color coded tabs and labels – could help locate any tea recipe (green leaf tab) throughout the book, which sounds great….unless it falls off. What’s the life span of a sticker?

So, as I said, let’s think about it – put our heads together and come up with some ideas. I look forward to your thoughts.

Be happy. Be safe. Be well.

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