Practical Magic

Happy Monday Morning!


As a Solitary Eclectic Witch of Practical Magic, I am constantly reminded magic is in the small things we do (if we choose) every day.

Morning coffee: I make coffee with vanilla and cinnamon in the grounds; I call it “magic coffee” because I know it is going to help me with everything I’m going to do in the day. (MAGIC HACK: apple pie spice and pumpkin pie spice, available in most markets, can give your coffee grounds extra zap as well as flavor.)

Talk to your plants: The plants outside my home (I call them volunteers, my husband calls them weeds) protect my home, and feed the birds and bees. I thank them for it every day.

Good luck charms: Do you have a favorite shirt? Lucky socks? A ring you wear every day? Anything you empower with the intention of good luck (protection, guidance, whatever) will aid you in exactly that. Be grateful, say thank you before you say please.

Kindness to animals: In addition to your own spoiled fur babies, do you feed birds and squirrels? Perhaps you leave over-ripe fruits and veggies in the grass and bushes rather than throwing them in the garbage? Do you drive extra cautiously at night to avoid hitting wild animals? Those kindnesses are an earth magic of their own – don’t ever imagine the animals don’t know it.

Cooking and Baking: It is no joke to say “the secret ingredient is love.” That’s the truth, and it is serious. Ever wonder why you think your grandmother makes the very best apple pie? Or your mother is the best cook in the world? Love is the answer, and the simplest most basic of all practical magics. (If you want to expand on that, check out herbs and spices for their magical properties and include them where appropriate ).

Light the fire: We have a portable fire pit – my husband absolutely loves it! – and whenever he goes out for a fire, I give him things to toss in as offerings. Could not be easier, or more effective; burning herbs and spices as a thank you to The Universe is a great way to honor, bless, and protect – again, always thank you before please.

Every day, in almost every way, you can add magic to your life almost effortlessly. And as we all know, every little bit helps.

 ((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))   

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