Practical Magic: The Power of Thank You.

Welcome to a fresh week!

Can you believe it is already the back end of October?

Can you believe we are talking about “cancelling Halloween?”

As overwhelming as it all may seem, you have reason to be grateful for every single thing in your life.

A “missed” opportunity will certainly reveal itself to be a blessing in disguise.

Rivals and foes will certainly reveal themselves to have been teachers.

An attitude of gratitude is the most powerful practical magic; when you lack the energy to do anything else, offer up a heartfelt thank you.

Your first act of the morning: Thank you for the new day.

Your last act before you close your eye to sleep: Thank you for the lessons of this day.

There is nothing more powerful than sincere gratitude – it draws gifts, blessings, and positive energy directly to you – as it brings more reasons to be grateful. Quoting The Sage Goddess, “If you have a please in your head, there had better be a thank you in your mouth.” Practical. Magic.

((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))   

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