Let’s Get Naked

Our lives are fleeting, by which I mean always in the hurry to be somewhere else – work, school, meetings, grocery shopping, whatever – without making contact. I am always saddened by the irony; as a species, we leave a giant, indelible footprint on the earth but relate very little to each other. We talk but we do not communicate. Our eyes are open but we are not looking and we do not see. We eat but we do not savor. We have sex but we do not make love, we do not commune. We live apart from each other on isolated islands of self-interest, and that is unfortunate as we all have so much to learn, give, share.


Believe it or not, I am talking about the Blood Moon on Saturday, April 4th; this is a special moon – first of Spring, a lunar eclipse – and it is a powerful moon. It is a moon for walking barefoot on the beach. It is a moon for dancing naked in the woods. It is a moon for reveling in yourself, and revealing yourself, and welcoming those willing to reveal themselves to you. This is a risk-taking moon, a step-out of the box moon, a joyous moon.

Under this full moon, find yourself; your true inner-self longs to be free, to be known, to be heard. Awaken and live out loud. The time is now.


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