Too Much Talking With Nothing To Say

For two days, I have been trying to think of a topic for my blog post; you may remember, I have a goal of posting every other day. And for two days, I could not think of anything to say. How is that possible? Me? Nothing to say? Surely, this is a sign of the apocalypse.


Everything is fine. Nothing to say today? No problem. Tomorrow is another day. If you have nothing to say tomorrow, we can think about it tomorrow. And if I say so myself, I was right.

Sometimes, we have nothing to say – nothing of value to add, nothing original to contribute, nothing different to consider, nothing – but it does not seem to stop us from speaking. Speaking personally, I talk too much when I am nervous, often repeating myself or making an unnecessary wisecrack (NOTE: Yes, there absolutely is such a thing as a necessary wisecrack but that is a topic for another time.) because I am uncomfortable in the setting (it is always the setting – topics are no problem). Why do we feel compelled to create noise? Is it a protective shell? Are we isolated by silence? Are we afraid to hear our own thoughts? Are we blocking out the whispers of the Universe? Are we afraid of silence itself? Or are we afraid silence is all there is?

Again speaking for myself, words are my armor as well as my weapon of choice. I can surround myself with chatter when I am uncomfortable, and it will keep everything and everyone at a distance (important to note this is not the ideal way to deal with personal discomfort and I am always working on this within myself). Likewise, I can defend myself – and draw blood – with little effort; when asked, “Why do you insist on bringing a gun to a knife fight?” my answer is always the same, “I will not be bullied. Not by anyone. Not ever. And if anyone wants to try, they should bring their A Game” (again, working on this all the time). But when I am alone, silence is no problem. I welcome the silence and the thoughts that follow, and if I speak aloud, it is only to hear the sound of my thought as I expand it for myself.

Today, I open the question to the floor: please share your thoughts and feelings about the inane chatter (such as reality Shows, Fox News, idle gossip) and the frightening, or profound, silence (such as prayer, meditation, still of the night).


2 thoughts on “Too Much Talking With Nothing To Say

  1. The inane chatter you speak of is sad and amusing. Reality shows are so far removed from reality as most of them are scripted. But people who watch them don’t believe it. Its like my grandmother who loved wrestling, no matter how many time I told her it was fake, she would say no it wasn’t. I suppose she wanted to believe just like the people who watch Fox. They want to believe all of the rhetoric that the GOP spin machine puts out. It doesn’t need to be true, they just want something to believe. It doesn’t matter that it may be against their own interest it is what they need to hear. They need to be able to blame.

    Silence it is such a precious commodity. Most of us are so wired. Now a days, we can’t hear our own soulful thoughts. Even when we are supposed to be quiet relaxing or trying to go to sleep our mind is still going planning on all that we didn’t do or what we need to do.

    This is a lesson I’m working on. Tuning out and learning how to calm my mind. There was a time when I wasn’t so wired and one of my goals is to get back to there and unplug the mind and meditate.


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