No More Invisible Doors.


Let’s talk about invisible doors. We are conditioned to negative thoughts – can’t, don’t, won’t, shouldn’t – and each time we allow the negative a foothold, it creates a locked door. The doors are barriers to positive thought, installed by others when we are young but eventually, we install them ourselves – we teach ourselves we cannot do things. Phrases such as:

“I’m just not good at math.” Oh, really? According to whom? A third grade teacher who may not have known how to teach you effectively? TIME TO DISREGARD!!

“You don’t want me on your team – I’m not athletic.” Or, have you been told you are not athletic so very many times, you stopped considering the possibility you might enjoy certain sports? REJECTED! GIVE IT A TRY!!

“I guess I’m just not _____________ enough.” STOP RIGHT THERE!! You are absolutely enough – we are not meant to have all the same gifts,we are meant to have all the right gifts – you are perfect in this perfect moment. If you want something different in the next moment, pursue it and you will be perfect in that moment as well.

Ready for the big reveal?


If asked, “What is stopping you?” the most honest answer will most often be, “I am.” In fairness, maybe you genuinely are not interested in math, or sports, or dancing, or whatever – no problem, that is your choice and you are welcome to it. But if you are interested in something, anything at all, and you stop yourself with self-made rules, obstacles and excuses, you own those invisible doors….and they are very expensive. Any time you limit your own potential for happiness, you have paid too high a price for unhappiness.

Be brave – walk through the door.

2 thoughts on “No More Invisible Doors.

  1. My mother was a great cheerleader and a great planter of negative thoughts. I know part of it was her need to compete the other was her mental status. What you speak of is a daily lesson for me. Great post.

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