Everything Old Is Still Old

Recently I have noticed a resurgence of my youth – television reboots, fashion repeats, throwback thursday – and it occurs to me, we love nostalgia more than is good for us.

Television shows are the worst – we do not need more Scully & Moulder, and one Full House was enough! Personally, I love watching Barney Miller – a comedy cop show from the 70s – because the characters are old friends and it reminds me of my dad (a cop from the 70s). The material holds up, the characters are very well-written, and my father always said it was truer than any other cop show on television….but I do not learn or experience anything new. I love it but it is a still life – no movement.

To be clear, I have nothing against healthy doses of nostalgia, rememberance, and reminiscence. An occasional stroll down Memory Lane is good for us, providing touchstones to the past and a meaurement for our personal progress. Unfortunately, too much time spent in the past limits movement to the future; standing still is bad enough but moving backwards? Ugh!

((RELATED BUT SEPERATE SIDENOTE: Without setting off on rants unknown, I would like to point out a new horror. Actual quote from 50+ dating service commercial, “It’s like being in high school again!” and she wanted us to believe it is a good thing. As if! No self-aware woman of my acquaitence would relive a minute of high school under any circumstance. Just saying!))

What are we seeking in all the rehash?  Why do we cling to the past? The answer is simple: comfort. The same reason a head cold sends me to a thread-bare terry robe, Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup and Columbo episodes; we count on comfort in our uncomfortable world – and we should stop.

We do not grow in comfort, we grow in challenge. We cannot retreat, we must move forward. We must read new books, watch new movies, talk to new people. We must walk new paths, learn new dance steps, sing new songs.

We must spread our wings and fly!!


One thought on “Everything Old Is Still Old

  1. True words. Maybe with all the other stresses people just seek the comfort of the old. As far as the High School thing, I wouldn’t go back unless it was in a time machine and I could give myself some info.

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