Words Have Power

Words have power. This is not a secret, although it appears many have forgotten. The age of social media has given everyone a forum to say absolutely nothing, and that is often exactly what they are doing. The spoken word is the ultimate GIGO – Garbage In, Garbage Out – if the words are garbage, […]

Living Tarot: The Hermit

The Hermit, seeking great wisdom alone, not lonely. The Hermit (Card IX) is consistently depicted as alone, male, and deep in wisdom. In readings, The Hermit indicates the importance of not just independence but also solitude, the solo pursuit of knowledge within as well as without the self. Too often, this card is read (or […]

The Fact of Freedom

It may not be free but it is definitely worth the trouble. The following is an actual exchange: “You really are smart. You always have an answer or an idea. You’re smart.” “Tragic, isn’t it.” “Ha! You know, I bet that’s true. You’d probably be better off if you weren’t so smart.” “Don’t think I […]

Living Tarot: Strength

Strength (Card VIII), where beauty tames the savage beast. Strength. STRENGTH. We talk about strength quite a bit; strong bodies, strong wills, strength of an argument, tensile strength, brute strength. Strength, strength, strength. We are preoccupied by strength and the perception we are strong; any indication of weakness, real or perceived, is harshly handled. Why? […]