Getting Over It

“Living right is easy. What goes wrong. your causing it.” Son Volt Confidence is important – everyone should have a healthy serving for themselves – and it should be used wisely. Overconfidence tends to be its own reward (think ricochet!) and should be avoided. Overconfidence has two forms: genuinely over-exaggerated faith in self (I CAN […]

Living Tarot: The Empress and The Emperor

The Empress (Card III) embodies the beauty and power of creation; she is the wind in the trees, the babble in the brook, and the wheat in the fields. She is everywhere, she is everything, and she gives of herself tirelessly, ceaselessly, eternally. And that is why she needs The Emperor The Emperor (Card IV) […]

Living Tarot: The High Priestess

The High Priestess (Card II), beautiful and beguiling, is the most empowering card in the deck; she has all of the  wisdom, strength and power of The Magician but not his brute force – she does not need it, she has finesse. When she chooses her path she cannot be stopped; when she undertakes a project, […]

You Can’t Take It With You…..

….so what are you saving it for? Knowing she was dying of cancer, Erma Bombeck famously penned her last letter, a list of regrets she could do nothing about but would certainly avoid if she had it to do over again. Her list included: Burn the pink candle sculpted like a rose. Talk less and […]

Do Not Be Silenced!

Do you remember outlaw comic Bill Hicks? If you do not, I am very sorry – please look him up at your convenience and be amazed by the power of the man’s brilliance. If you do remember him, chances are you also remember The Letterman Incident; a profound act of cowardly censorship committed by a […]

Living Tarot: The Magician

((DISCLAIMER: All images found in Google Images; search Magician Tarot.)) “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” J.K. Rowling My least favorite sentences in any language, “I don’t have a choice” and “It’s out of my hands.” Quite frankly, these are cop-outs of the highest order. There […]

Anticipation…….Is Making Me Wait.

If asked, most people would probably say they welcome a certain amount of anticipation in their lives; presents appearing under the tree on Christmas Eve to be opened only after midnight, or the fluttery feeling you have as the infamous “third date” approaches, or the giddy excitement right before the new school year starts. These […]