The Perils of The Earth Dragon

The Earth Dragon is an amazing creature of great power, great treasure, and great wisdom; unfortunately, it is also a creature of great fear, and great unhappiness. This marvelous dragon hides, hoarding everything it can collect, never sharing and ever vigilant against loss. The Earth Dragon is sad, and lonely, and bitter, and completely unable […]

Feminism Is Every Color

I apologize for my long absence but I have been struggling with an issue that challenges my ability to speak positively. My efforts to write this post consistently devolve into rants unworthy of this space. My patience and optimism are sorely tested by current political events, and a recent question posed by media as 2016 […]


I am a book slut – I love books and I will buy them anywhere, anytime. When I was in college, no Friday Night was complete without a spin through a bookstore; during the last century, there was no shortage of booksellers on Lincoln Avenue and DePaul students could be found rummaging around for hours. […]

Everything Old Is Still Old

Recently I have noticed a resurgence of my youth – television reboots, fashion repeats, throwback thursday – and it occurs to me, we love nostalgia more than is good for us. Television shows are the worst – we do not need more Scully & Moulder, and one Full House was enough! Personally, I love watching Barney […]

No More Invisible Doors.

Let’s talk about invisible doors. We are conditioned to negative thoughts – can’t, don’t, won’t, shouldn’t – and each time we allow the negative a foothold, it creates a locked door. The doors are barriers to positive thought, installed by others when we are young but eventually, we install them ourselves – we teach ourselves […]

I Am Soul Food, Not Eye Candy

I am about to embark on a rant, so be sure to sit down and strap in. I anticipate all readers are familiar with the plus size retailer Lane Bryant (LB). Currently, LB marketing campaign, #ImNoAngel, celebrates women of all shapes and sizes (if you are not familiar with the store or campaign, please check […]

Too Much Talking With Nothing To Say

For two days, I have been trying to think of a topic for my blog post; you may remember, I have a goal of posting every other day. And for two days, I could not think of anything to say. How is that possible? Me? Nothing to say? Surely, this is a sign of the […]

Let’s Get Naked

Our lives are fleeting, by which I mean always in the hurry to be somewhere else – work, school, meetings, grocery shopping, whatever – without making contact. I am always saddened by the irony; as a species, we leave a giant, indelible footprint on the earth but relate very little to each other. We talk […]