The week ahead: November 14th through November 20th:

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Sarah Martucci - Psychic Medium & Certified Crystal Healer


This week starts off with a spectacular super full moon in Taurus on the 14th! Taurus is a sign of stability, allowing themselves the time to work slowly and methodically towards a goal. An earthy sign, they adore food, sex, and beautiful surroundings to make them feel comfortable. We’re in the last week of Scorpio season, and this sign thrives on instability—they’re masters of birth, death, and rebirth, remember? Sex is also a big theme for them as well, so I’m gonna make a prediction here and say that next year, around deep summer (June, July, August), ALL the babies will be born 🙂 If you’ve felt revved up too, don’t hold it in, make sure you express (in a healthy and consensual way) what your body needs to say; give and receive on this one, don’t be an a-hole and make it all about you. You’re looking to make a…

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