Something to Believe In

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Rubys Astro Readings

Rubys Astro Readings

Wed. November 16

“Something to Believe In”
The Moon remains in curious Gemini today and is still nearly Full. But what needs to be discussed is how King Neptune, the planet that rules spirituality and dreams is only three days away from finally coming out of its Retrograde cycle. And it’s been a mess, it’s been very disorienting and confusing energy as we get used to it going back to its normal pace. You might have noticed over the last several months as Neptune was in Retrograde, you felt disconnected or lost around your faith or spirituality! That connection isn’t lost, we just couldn’t connect the same while Neptune was in Retrograde, however that’s about to change this weekend, and I for one can hardly wait!
Also Wednesday, Neptune makes a tense connection to the Lunar Nodes (the Moon’s, Moon’s) under the Moon in Gemini. This influence…

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