FEBRUARY 2020: Air Signs


((The Lightseer’s Tarot by Chris Anne AND Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid))



How are you preparing for the approaching Spring?

  • Planning outdoor activities?
  • Prepping for yard/garden work?
  • Opening windows to air out the house?

Whatever you think is important to welcome the new season, do it to music. Make a joyful noise with your favorite album, radio station, or CD – and turn the volume up! In addition to chasing away any entities lurking around, it will increase your own joy and lighten your February mood. 

ORACLE: Mending. Forgiveness and healing will be needed this month – time to let go of all the old stuff holding you down. Remember, it ran in your family until it ran into you; you can heal yourself, and everyone around you, by choosing forgiveness. It is a great responsibility but it brings a great reward, and is well worth the effort. 

GEMINI: The Tower. Like it or not, chaos is on the way and this time, it is not your own choosing. The test will be how you decide to handle it. You do not need to be told to think it through but you should be warned – do not think it to death. Chaos is swiftly moving, and will not slow done to wait for your decision-making. 

LIBRA: High Priestess. Decision-making will be less about thinking and more about feeling this month; go within, trust your intuition. Be brave – you’ve go this!

AQUARIUS: Four of Wands. Celebrate your life, love, success and happiness this month. If you have a birthday in February, throw a party, surround yourself with friends, share your joy!


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