FEBRUARY 2020: Water Signs


((The Lightseer’s Tarot by Chris Anne AND Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid))



How are you preparing for the approaching Spring?

  • Collecting cocktail recipes?
  • Planning Ostara (Easter) events?
  • Drinking more water?

As you plan for the arrival of Spring, speak of joyful memories – even if you are only speaking out loud to yourself – to give them life in the moment, recall happiness, and appreciate how far you have come (some joyful stories have an element of naivete delightful in a child but happy released as an adult). All joyful sounds have value – keep it positive! (This NOT the time for darker, or hurtful memories – that work is for another time).

ORACLE: Higher Power. We are plugged-in this month so pay attention to all downloads, signs, synchronicities, etc.  The messages will be coming in fast and furious this February, and it goes without saying we are going to miss some of them. That’s okay – there will be plenty more where they came from!

CANCER: The Devil. Temptation is high for you this month, my crabby ones! Be careful not to fall into old patterns, over-indulgences, or betrayals (starting with yourself!). This will not be easy – everything will be extra intriguing, illicit, and fattening this February – but if you give in, you will certainly find yourself sorry for it. Spare yourself – and everyone else – just steer clear this month.

SCORPIO: Eight of Swords. Feeling stuck? Of course you are! Change is in the air but you are always so reluctant to let anything go, you can’t move forward as you might like. Do yourself (and everyone else, really) a big favor, take a page out of the Aries book, and set fire to that old baggage holding you back. Surf your tidal wave free and clear into Spring! COWABUNGA!!! (You can thank me later.)

PISCES: The Empress. The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things…and he was right! Whatever you’re dreaming, wishing, hoping, imagining, creating for yourself is all very real this month as your manifestations are cranked up to 11. If ever there was a time to be careful what you wish for, this is it! Be mindful. Every thought, word, and deed is a manifestation message to The Universe right now – you are so much more powerful than you realize – use it wisely.

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