Practical Magic Monday!

Welcome to our new feature!

It has recently come to my attention that a great many people (witches and non-witches alike) labor under the belief “magic” requires “ritual.”


If we are 100% honest, magic only requires intention.

Everything else is optional.

If elaborate ritual works for you, go for it! But if you feel you are a “failing” witch because you can’t seem to get it together for rituals, you are very much mistaken.

TODAY’S EXAMPLE: Carrying crystals.

Sacred geometry, crystal formation, and crystal vibration are very old, well-established scientific ideas (think Ptolemy, DaVinci, Tesla, Einstein), despite what some of the more mundane thinkers of our time may believe (read Dursley-level muggles). These earthly delights come in a wide range of energetic strengths, and they do not need to be “told” what to do.

Practical Example: If you put black tourmaline in your pocket, it will repel negative energy without any input from you…but if you also want it to cleanse your energy as you move through your day, you will need to set that intention when you put it in your pocket – no song and dance required, unless you are into that.

So, do some research, know your crystals, and when you want something particular at work for you, that’s the crystal you put in your pocket (or purse, or bra, or whatever). The crystal and the intention will work together to make the magic.

(The pic below provides some examples of the energy work but is not meant to be definitive or prescriptive – decide for yourself.)

Be happy. Be safe. Be well.

((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.)) 

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