Talk To The Hand Tuesday is for gripes, grievances, petty annoyances, and any other little thing (or big thing) we are carrying around, and would like to get off our otherwise sparkly, magical chests!

I’ll start: Just because you are a witch does not mean you are compelled to enjoy creepy, Halloween-type trappings!!!!

Do not misunderstand – I appreciate the good work of bats and spiders, I do in fact have a black cat, and pumpkin spice is my absolute favorite potion (I put it in my coffee all year long).

However, the idea I must run right out to Target or Michael’s to surround myself with every cheap wannabe-gothic-crypt-keeper-black-and-purple item I can find, is not only ridiculous but also insulting. Although, all things being equal, not as insulting as the ugly green faced witch that persists.

TO BE CLEAR: If you enjoy those Halloween trappings, that’s great – I am not disparaging your taste or your identity.

What I am actually ranting about is witches being treated as a unified demographic that is largely the same. Witches certainly are not behind that marketing strategy as we know better. But too many witches are buying into it, and that is not helping.

— If you are a witch who loves sparkles and rainbows, go with that – save the black dress for funerals.

— If you are all about the muted tones of late fall, or the pastels of early spring, your space should reflect it.

–If you prefer Shaker to Gothic, sit on the chair of your choice.

I am aware this sounds as if I think I have the right to “give permission” to others to make choices but that is not the intention.

Lately, I have been reading too many posts about people not being “witchy enough” and sincerely, there is no such thing. Being a witch is all about owning your intention and energy, not trappings. Whatever type of witch you are, you are already enough – do it your own way, and know it does not matter one fallen leaf what anyone else thinks or says about your brand of witchieness.

My own brand closely resembles (but is not limited to) the pic below.

((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.)) 

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