I am a book slut – I love books and I will buy them anywhere, anytime. When I was in college, no Friday Night was complete without a spin through a bookstore; during the last century, there was no shortage of booksellers on Lincoln Avenue and DePaul students could be found rummaging around for hours. Time passes, areas change, and we are meant to believe change is good……but you will never convince me Lincoln Avenue is a better place for more sports bars and fewer booksellers – save your breath, it will never happen. No way, no how.

Now for the embarrassing part of the story: despite its uninterrupted reign as one of Chicago’s oldest and largest used bookstores, my FIRST EVER VISIT to the hallowed stacks was last weekend. (I am in the penalty box, I feel shame.)


THREE (3!!) Levels of Awesome – and amazingly well-organized.

OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK – 9am to 11pm!!!!


Myopic stairs Myopic

I know what you are thinking, “Couldn’t I get all that at Half Priced Books?” NO! Absolutely not!! If you have ever enjoyed a Woody Allen movie, this is the bookstore for you because it unapologetically reminds us Manhattan does not hold the patent on all things awesome.

Check it out for yourself:

((DISCLAIMER: I love Half Priced Books and do not wish to denigrate it in any way.))

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