Feminism Is Every Color

I apologize for my long absence but I have been struggling with an issue that challenges my ability to speak positively. My efforts to write this post consistently devolve into rants unworthy of this space. My patience and optimism are sorely tested by current political events, and a recent question posed by media as 2016 Candidates emerge: “Will misogyny be the new  racism?”

I am insulted by the very question. When has misogyny ever been absent from our national landscape? When have misogyny and sexism ever been absent from the Judaio-Christian or Islamic worlds? Am I to believe females were treated equally among the cave people? Racism claims its own throne but Misogyny was already well-seated; feminism must be every color because misogyny discriminates vaginally rather than racially.

And I have seen the enemy, sadly, she is us. Every woman allowing herself to be reduced by her relationship with men exacts a price from us all. Every woman relying on a man for her survival as a matter of course reduces the value of us all. Every woman spending her energy competing with other women for the attentions of a man cheapens us all. Every woman quietly accepting less when she knows she deserves more is a co-conspirator.

How do we dare stand in the shadows of such as  Susan B. Anthony, Eleanor Roosevelt, Gloria Steinem, and Sally Ride, and still call ourselves “women?” I understand feminism is about the ability and willingness to make choices but choosing to live on our knees is something I will never understand.

Please. Please. Please – STAND UP!


2 thoughts on “Feminism Is Every Color

  1. This is my second read of this blog and I have to say the above includes so much truth. It has pained me not only to see the legislation that has been passed and is trying to be passed to oppress women and there bodies. But as you said to see women doing it to themselves.

    When I saw a woman who was in her fifties state that she didn’t think women should have the right to vote because they were supposed to be told what to do I was flabbergasted. This was something out of the 50’s or before. Be the good little wife and be waiting at the door for your man with a drink in his hand when he comes home for work. Why should Hillary be chastised about her wardrobe or hair when we don’t give a damn about what her mail counterparts look like. Why do we have to have a manicam at a Hollywood award show asking only the females to show off there pretty nails and jewelry? Why are actresses asked questions that they would never think about asking a man?
    Why is it that male politicians who don’t have any concept about female anatomy think they have the right to tell us what to do with our body?

    When I was a Claims Supervisor during my review my white male boss says he is not sure whether he should give me a book he picked up or not. I told him to just give it to me. I was highly insulted when he gave me the book ‘Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office’. Two things are wrong with this. First is there a book called ‘Nice Guys Don’t Get the Corner Office’? Secondly, if I would have been male would he have treated me the same way?

    It is time for women to take a stand, for our voices to be heard. We should be celebrating Quiver full families that make woman subservient. We should celebrate all woman and the accomplishments. There are woman that can do any job a man can do equally or better.

    Sorry for the long Comment. Most importantly. You go Girl and be the Strong Woman you are.

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