The Perils of The Earth Dragon

The Earth Dragon is an amazing creature of great power, great treasure, and great wisdom;
unfortunately, it is also a creature of great fear, and great unhappiness. This marvelous dragon hides, hoarding everything it can collect, never sharing and ever vigilant against loss. The Earth Dragon is sad, and lonely, and bitter, and completely unable to enjoy the hoarded riches. This great creature is pitiful indeed.
At some time or another, many of us are Earth Dragons, isolated by fear or inadequacy or old hurts unhealed, and we hide our light. We imagine we are protecting ourselves, guarding against future pain from the outside, and we are so convinced of this, we do not realize we are the source of our own unhappiness. By hiding our light, we smother it – and it will gutter out if we are not careful – but when we shine and share, we burn white hot and warm others around us. Every risk we take encourages someone else to take a risk as well.
Wisdom is meant to be collected but it is also meant to be shared.
Step out of the cave, put the bushel away; your light is meant to shine!

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